Saturday, May 11, 2013

My 1st m.u video & blog post too ;)

Hi there! ;)

 Well, as written on the title from above, I guess I just worked double time as a starter. Teehee, and so, on about my first make up video ever, -Don't forget to check it out! It's on my YT account (Link below) which then I've called the "Simple Emo Doll Look" Only eye and lip make up though, used Etude products that I'll be reviewing right here~ 

(Pics from the Video) 


*1st used- Etude's Bling Bling Eye stick (#01 Shooting star) Creamy white shimmering eye make up best for highlighitng such areas of choice w/a twisting opener for safety.

*2nd used- Etude's Look at my eyes 9BR403) A dark chocolate brown eyeshadow w/ lil' glitter and comes in handy. 


*3rd used- Etude's Styling Eye Liner (01) Black and pencil type eyeliner and also has a twisting opener.

                                                                Photo from the vid.

*4th used- Etude's Lash Perm Proof Mascara (Long Lash Brush) Water and washable proof. Easy cleansing and no smudge/Panda. Setting effect: 1day perm


*5th used- Etude's Sweet Recipe Candy Stick. Balm in a not super red color. Perfect for dry lips who just wants reddish glow. Twisting opener too.


Overall look~ 

For the actual video itself:

                               "WANNA BE SWEET? PLAY ETUDE!" -E.H

(Check out nearest ETUDE HOUSE in your place for those interested in their very lovely stuffs or you can even check out their main site, or if you're residing here in Philippines too.)

& I guess that would be all for now. ^____~

                                                                                                                    'til the next post,
                                                                                                                 Angel Apostol.

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