Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My 2nd make up video!

June always come so fast than expected when your spending the summer days ahead and for those girl students who happen to have their school opening on this month, I decided to dedicate my 2nd make up video all for you. :") 

(Recorded last 03/31/13)

Its just a simple and soft "Sweet School Girl" Tutorial look which one can easily do. Make up may not be necessary for schooling but a little touch of it may somehow help a haggard student for cover ups and other reasons there may be.

The tutorial comes in 3 ways around:

 1st deals with any light colored eyeshadow and curled lashes w/pinkish blush and not so reddish type of lipbalm.
 2nd one was with a basic eyeliner and mascara.
 Lastly, the 3rd is just on about adding a small cat eye. 

All made possible for a suitable school get-up. Meanwhile, as to the ETUDE products I've used in the video:

1.Etude's Look At My Eyes Cafe (BE102 Honey Milk)
2.Etude's Lovely Cookie Blusher (#03 Raspberry Tarte)
3.Etude's Apricot Stick (#3)
4.Etude's Styling Eye Liner (01) 

Overall Look~

For the actual video itself:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBVgpvMhE4A&feature=youtu.be

                               "WANNA BE SWEET? PLAY ETUDE!" -E.H

(Check out nearest ETUDE HOUSE in your place for those interested in their very lovely stuffs or you can even check out their main site, www.etude.kr or http://www.etudehouse.ph if you're residing here in Philippines too.)

                                                                                                           'til the next post,
                                                                                                            Angel Apostol.

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