Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Happy new year everyone!

It's a lil' late but I'd like to share my haul last year from one of my most adored make up line, ETUDE HOUSE.

And hey! I'm also having a new year giveaway! For details check below ;)

So this is gonna be my review on the selected products from my haul. Let's begin with the eye products~

(Camera used: Samsung s5/ Raw photos)


Bottom to top colors are 1st to last if referred in the photo below

WH901 SUGAR ICING -Indeed lookin' as white sugar but in the form of glitter in a colorless gel/cream type eyeshadow.

BE102 HONEY MILK -Creamy milk kind of color without glitter. (Look at my eyes cafe)

BR403 CARAMEL LATTE -Light colored caramel with glitter. (Look at my eyes cafe)

BR402 -Shiny bronze brown with gold glitters. (Look at my eyes)

BR403 Faded dark violet with glitters. (Look at my eyes)

BR402 CAFE MOCHA- Matte dark chocolate. (Look at my eyes cafe)

BL601 CUBIC BLUE PEIRCING - Galaxy colored eyeshadow with blue and pink glitters. (Look at my eyes jewel) *

BL603 -Shiny skyblue icing with glitters. (Look at my eyes)


#1 CRYSTAL WHITE TEAR - A highlighter in pure white glitters. Best used around the inner rim of eyes.

PPPK01 SWEET BERRY LEMON MOUSSE - A shimmering baked yellow and pink eyeshadow. (SWEET RECIPE CUPCAKE EYES)

PP501 BLUEBERRY AND STRAWBERRY - A shimmering baked violet and baby pink eyeshadow.  (SWEET RECIPE CUPCAKE EYES)


Long lash brush bent to help add bounce drama by putting the coat. Guarantees EASY CLEANING, 1 DAY SETTING EFFECT and NO SMUDGING. Also has unique waterproof formula that won't tears or sebum and when one would want to remove, it can be a washable proof.

2N1 mascara application for upper and lower lashes. Comes HANDY and specializes VOLUME over VOLUME by the specific coat applied through the separated brushes designed for. Also guarantees NO SMUDGING and EASY CLEANING.


LASH PERM 3STEP VOLUMECARA: (Adjustable dial) Provides 3 setting for 3 volume looks in 1 mascara' letting you customize your own lash style. Step 1 is Defined, clean volume..Step 2 is Full and glamorous look and then step 3 is a dramatic smoky volume. Coat specializes in creating a dolly lash effect.



Secret beam powder pact -Pressed pearl powder compact. Pearl highlighting coverage with silky finish. Perfect princess feels with gitters.

Precious Mineral BB compact bright fit: Natural Beige W13- Incudes SPF 30/PA+++. Brightening and gives long lasting sheer silky coverage. Can be paired with a matching BB cream in its specific color for best result.

Precious mineral BB cream bright fit: Natural Beige W13- SPF30/PA++. Whitening, Anti wrinkle and has UV protection. Just a few drops is enough to perfectly conceal imperfection in the whole face. Long lasting and not cakey.


#3 Raspberry tarte -Best for looks achieving bright pink cheeks. (Lovely cookie blusher)

#6 Grapefruit jelly -Best for looks achieving peachy cheeks. Light orange glow. (Lovely cookie blusher)

#12 Plum mousse cake -Best for achieving rosy cheeks. (Lovely cookie blusher)


They have the best shades of pink ever! The cream lipsticks also has textures that are not too moisty, shiny and dry at the same time. ;)

Dear My "Blooming lips-talk"

BE102- Mocha. Best for achieving natural nude lip looks. (Dear My)

OR203- A Pink nude kind of color. Best for achieving just a touch of a light pink glow. (Dear My)

PK010- Pinky peach. (Dear My)

PK003- Pink. For barbie lips finish.(Dear My)

Perfect rosy pink lips. (Look at Lipstick)

PK007 -Light pink. Slightly a frozen colored type yet cream a lippie. (VIP GIRL DEAR DARLING LIPS)


With a fresh new year, might as well start with a fresh face! ;) Pamper your face with one of these products for free! All you need to do is to like this photo in my Instagram and comment 1,2 or 3 according to what product it 's corresponding with. Until January 31, 2016 only. Will use an app for determining the winner and will announce it here. Good luck! Once again, happy new year! :)

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Oh~ m'Eye Lash (Volume & Longlash)

Hi Everyone! 

I thought I wouldn't have the chance to post on my birth month (August;) because my schedule was kinda hectic but since our school's sports fest will consume the last week and I am obviously not the sporty type not unless whatever, (Lol) I found a perfect timing to insert this stuff. Hihih~ 

Well, well, I would like to start on another beauty talk on a Mascara that had been my all-time favorite by the time I bought and used it. Also, it is included in my check list of daily use.

So what I have in my hand is the one I'm actually referring to and the result is obviously seen in my eyes for you to see for yourself. ^___^ 

                                      "K. Excuse my natural big round eyes. XD"                          

                                                     ITS THE

                            Oh~ m'Eye Lash (Volume & Longlash) 
                                               of Etude House

           This two in one product just appears to be in perfect partnership. And, the product is panda and smudge eyes free so you don't have to worry! ;)

One last selfie using it! HAHA.

Then I guess that smile would put an end to this post~

(Check out nearest ETUDE HOUSE in your place for those interested in their very lovely stuffs or you can even check out their main site; or if you're residing here in Philippines too.)

                                                                                                               'til the next post,
                                                                                                              Angel Apostol.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My 2nd make up video!

June always come so fast than expected when your spending the summer days ahead and for those girl students who happen to have their school opening on this month, I decided to dedicate my 2nd make up video all for you. :") 

(Recorded last 03/31/13)

Its just a simple and soft "Sweet School Girl" Tutorial look which one can easily do. Make up may not be necessary for schooling but a little touch of it may somehow help a haggard student for cover ups and other reasons there may be.

The tutorial comes in 3 ways around:

 1st deals with any light colored eyeshadow and curled lashes w/pinkish blush and not so reddish type of lipbalm.
 2nd one was with a basic eyeliner and mascara.
 Lastly, the 3rd is just on about adding a small cat eye. 

All made possible for a suitable school get-up. Meanwhile, as to the ETUDE products I've used in the video:

1.Etude's Look At My Eyes Cafe (BE102 Honey Milk)
2.Etude's Lovely Cookie Blusher (#03 Raspberry Tarte)
3.Etude's Apricot Stick (#3)
4.Etude's Styling Eye Liner (01) 

Overall Look~

For the actual video itself:

                               "WANNA BE SWEET? PLAY ETUDE!" -E.H

(Check out nearest ETUDE HOUSE in your place for those interested in their very lovely stuffs or you can even check out their main site, or if you're residing here in Philippines too.)

                                                                                                           'til the next post,
                                                                                                            Angel Apostol.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

My 1st m.u video & blog post too ;)

Hi there! ;)

 Well, as written on the title from above, I guess I just worked double time as a starter. Teehee, and so, on about my first make up video ever, -Don't forget to check it out! It's on my YT account (Link below) which then I've called the "Simple Emo Doll Look" Only eye and lip make up though, used Etude products that I'll be reviewing right here~ 

(Pics from the Video) 


*1st used- Etude's Bling Bling Eye stick (#01 Shooting star) Creamy white shimmering eye make up best for highlighitng such areas of choice w/a twisting opener for safety.

*2nd used- Etude's Look at my eyes 9BR403) A dark chocolate brown eyeshadow w/ lil' glitter and comes in handy. 


*3rd used- Etude's Styling Eye Liner (01) Black and pencil type eyeliner and also has a twisting opener.

                                                                Photo from the vid.

*4th used- Etude's Lash Perm Proof Mascara (Long Lash Brush) Water and washable proof. Easy cleansing and no smudge/Panda. Setting effect: 1day perm


*5th used- Etude's Sweet Recipe Candy Stick. Balm in a not super red color. Perfect for dry lips who just wants reddish glow. Twisting opener too.


Overall look~ 

For the actual video itself:

                               "WANNA BE SWEET? PLAY ETUDE!" -E.H

(Check out nearest ETUDE HOUSE in your place for those interested in their very lovely stuffs or you can even check out their main site, or if you're residing here in Philippines too.)

& I guess that would be all for now. ^____~

                                                                                                                    'til the next post,
                                                                                                                 Angel Apostol.