Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Oh~ m'Eye Lash (Volume & Longlash)

Hi Everyone! 

I thought I wouldn't have the chance to post on my birth month (August;) because my schedule was kinda hectic but since our school's sports fest will consume the last week and I am obviously not the sporty type not unless whatever, (Lol) I found a perfect timing to insert this stuff. Hihih~ 

Well, well, I would like to start on another beauty talk on a Mascara that had been my all-time favorite by the time I bought and used it. Also, it is included in my check list of daily use.

So what I have in my hand is the one I'm actually referring to and the result is obviously seen in my eyes for you to see for yourself. ^___^ 

                                      "K. Excuse my natural big round eyes. XD"                          

                                                     ITS THE

                            Oh~ m'Eye Lash (Volume & Longlash) 
                                               of Etude House

           This two in one product just appears to be in perfect partnership. And, the product is panda and smudge eyes free so you don't have to worry! ;)

One last selfie using it! HAHA.

Then I guess that smile would put an end to this post~

(Check out nearest ETUDE HOUSE in your place for those interested in their very lovely stuffs or you can even check out their main site; or if you're residing here in Philippines too.)

                                                                                                               'til the next post,
                                                                                                              Angel Apostol.

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